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Gun Cleaning Cloth | Rifle Cleaning Cloth Patch

  • [ 100 Percent Cotton Material ] Gun Cleaning Cloth Roll is a Perfect Choice to have in Gun Cleaning Kit of Every Gun User. Made with Genuine Cotton Blend Material. It Feels so Soft that Avoid the Damaging your Firearm.
  • [ Size ] Each Wipes 2 inch / 4 inch wide Separated with Red Lines at every 5cm to help you cut the cloth into the desired length and Helps you Prevent Wastage.
  • [ Usability ] Take a Cleaning Patch and dip it in Cleaning solvent, Feed it all the way through the Barrel of the gun until it Emerges Clean Run a dry Patch down the Barrel to Remove any Remaining Residue
  • [ Ultra Absorbent ] Great for Holding Solvents and Moving out Fouling; Do a good job of soaking up carbon fouling, dirt, grime, left-over lubricant, etc
  • [ Money Back Guarantee ] No Matter if you doesn’t like our Product or if it doesn’t fit your Requirement, Just Contact us we’ll be refunding your Complete Money.
Cleaning Cloth Lengths

10 Meter Length, 20 Meter Length, 5 Meter Length, 50 Meter Length


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